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"The nextDrive Spectra is a 149$ Plug & Play that’s an ergonomic miracle for otherwise poorly-accessible ports. It is trivially easy to use. It kicks out sound on the level with devices many, many times its price … The 9018Q2C’s clean, extended, and detailed imagery comes through with crystal and coruscant clarity."

"The Spectra is my current affordable ‘DAC to beat’. NextDrive has given us an offering that is elegantly designed, wonderfully portable and extremely pleasing to the ear."

“When I first opened this Spectra’s box and realized just how small it was, I truly did not expect the product could possibly sound as nice as it does. … [It] is a heck of a little DAC, if you ask me. Complete with DSD and 32bit functionality, a tiny design that is pocket-friendly, well thought out and very quiet on hiss factor.“

“Spectra successfully bridges the gap between consumer-grade audio interfaces built into portable devices and large tabletop DAC/headphone amps. The device is pocketable and convenient to use. The volume boost is impressive and the sound, although noticeably cleaner and better defined, remains transparent enough for professional use. Spectra is a good choice for music producers who want to upgrade their portable listening/mixing setup without adding bulk.”

“A a really neat little device; it sounds great and I love the portability of it. So much better than laptop headphone outputs! The sound is very transparent, but also very detailed. The treble and bass are equally as clear.” – Rosanna Fish, Sound Engineer at Chandos

"Tiga loves it and uses it every day! It has great definition and sound, no doubt. Physically it’s a good size, and a nice, solid product."

"I have listened to the Spectra over headphones and in the studios here. It definitely improves on built-in laptop DAC/amps, useful for those mixing with headphones on the go or those working in environments in which speaker use is limited, such as residential areas.”

– Dan Thompson, Assistant Chair Music Production and Engineering

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